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Online Modules

Everyday Celebrations Screeenshot is a website I have developed to inspire and inform others by sharing ideas about celebrating.  It was created with WordPress.

Assume Nothing: Bias Brief Online Module

assume nothing screenshot

This online module was developed as part of a workshop about cognitive biases.  It was created in Articulate Storyline.

Block Party: New Kids on the Blocks

new kids screenshot

This site was created in Google Sites to inform parents and caregivers about all the valuable lessons that can be learned from blocks.  This site was designed with the ARCS Model Evaluation Tool I designed in mind and has been evaluated as such.

Dr. Sphere is Missing

Dashboard (1)

The Dr. Sphere is Missing module covers elementary and middle school topics including the weather topics, air pressure, and atmospheric composition and structure.  It can be used in a completely online environment, in the context of eLearning, in a flipped classroom, or as a hybrid instructor led training situation.  The online module was created in Smartbuilder.

Facilitation Guide: Dr Sphere is Missing Facilitation Guide

The links in order of facilitation:

1. Google Form Pretest: The Air Around Us: Pretest and Post-test

2. Smartbuilder Breakout Module : Dr. Sphere is Missing

3. Google Form Digital Locks: Dr. Sphere is Missing Breakout Locks


Mission: Gamification Career Path Prezi


Prezi – Mission: Gamification Career Path

Group presentation created with Rachel Holliman and Susan Page using Prezi in combination with PowToon.

Knickelbein Eclectic Tree Theory of Learning Everything – KETTLE Prezi

KETTLE Screenshot
Prezi – Knickelbein Eclectic Tree Theory of Learning Everything

Situated Learning Theory – Google Slides

Google Slides – Situated Learning Theory 

Group presentation created with Rachel Holliman and Liza Willemse

Google Slides Presentation – Workshop: Formative Assessment Tools

Tools for Evaluating Instructional Materials

This ARCS Model based evaluation tool can be used to evaluate instructional materials for motivational value and includes recommendation for improvement of motivational elements.

Graphic Design Work

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Welcometo thejungle!

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12 Valuable Things Children can Learn from Block Play.pngIs this me-.pngHaven't weheard this before-.pngWonderful.png


This video was created in Camtasia and is a video tutorial about posting to a WordPress blog.