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The main purpose of this portfolio site is to provide a place to connect artifacts that demonstrate my mastery of the 8 core competencies of the Learning Design and Technology MSEd at Purdue University.

You will also find information about some of my other related work and resume.



  • Kristin, this was amazing.  You went into such detail in your evaluation form.  What truly impressed me was that this was as much an instructional document as it was an evaluation instrument.  So often what is lacking in evaluation tools are examples of what to look for and how to ultimately improve the instruction.  Your design is clear and easy to use and provides the user with ample information on the intent of the ARCS model along with numerous examples of how to make the instruction more effective.  Moreover, I loved the way you modified each column based on the related step in the ADDIE model (for example, starting out with big questions in the Analysis phase).  You then followed this up with a checklist that would validate the instructional designer’s evaluation.  If I were providing students with examples of this assignment in this course, I would ask for your permission to use this in future classes as an exemplar; it is excellent.

    Your rationale/reflection document was equally well-written.  You selected the ARCS model to address instructional designers needs around requirements to build instructional modules that do not include live instruction.  As you noted, this puts an even greater onus on the IDer to infuse Attention and Relevance into the module since there is no facilitator to generate that in the live environment.  The way you connected the ARCS model to the ADDIE model was very thorough. Overall, great work on this.  Thanks.


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