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Artifact:  EDCI 51300 Foundations of Learning Design and Technology: An Introduction to the Field 2016 – Final Paper: Games and Gamification: A means for personalizing learning

Demonstrates ability to describe common research methods in Educational Technology

The ability to describe common research methods in educational technology sub-competency is demonstrated in the Foundations of Learning Design and Technology: An Introduction to the Field Final Paper.  In this paper, I describe the application of a case regarding Level 2 masters students at the University of Telmecen.

Demonstrates ability to read and evaluate Educational Technology research

In this paper I summarize current research in the fields of personalization and differentiation of learning, the impact of design, and the implications for practitioners who choose to take advantage of games and gamification of learning.

Applies research findings to the solution of common problems in Educational Technology

Common problems within educational technology addressed in this artifact include personalization and differentiation of learning, motivation and engagement, providing a safe space to fail, and the importance of feedback.  I provide research to support the claim that the application of games based learning, gamification and adaptive educational hypermedia can be a means to the end in which learners are met where they are at and not forced to conform to the design prescribed for the masses.



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