Demonstrates the disposition for life-long learning and continuous professional development

Artifact: Final Reflection – 627

The provided artifact, reflects on the fact that I do not consider myself an expert in the field yet.  I desire to improve in the areas of estimation of time needed for tasks and risk identification, and lay out my plans for future learning of project management skills via LinkedIn courses.  I have established a goal of focusing on a new skill to improve with each project I undertake, so that I may continue to grow in these areas.  This includes skills such as, risk identification, time estimation, work breakdown structure, and so forth.  I have already begun to implement this goal as I manage the STEM+ Camp project that is currently underway.

In addition to my studies at Purdue, I have been trying to attend at least one professional development webinar or presentation each month.  Some of the interesting topics I have been able to learn more about have been:

  • The Vision for Human Capital Engagement
  • Innovative Corporate Learning Drives Enterprise Performance
  • Shifting Paradigms from the Inside Out: Instructional Designers as Change Agents
  • How to Play the Right Games: Move Over Gamification!
  • Motivating Real-Time Peer-to-Peer Social Collaboration
  • Managing Performance in the Post-Review Era
  • Credible Coaching with Jim Negrini

Additionally, I participate and follow some personal learning communities on social networks and feel confident in my ability to reach out to these communities should a challenge or need arise I am unable to solve on my own.

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